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Museke Foundation was created to promote and carry out social, economic and cultural activities in favour of vulnerable and poor people. The Foundation pays special attention to developing countries, focusing on education, health and social sector.


Museke Foundation bases its action on the principle of brotherly love. It is committed to the promotion of sustainable development, where beneficiaries are the central element of each individual project, main actors of their own growth. The involvement of local communities is essential in order to give raise to a real exchange of views, respectful of the ethnic, cultural and religious identities involved in the project. Their active participation is a key practice to enhance community organization and grass-root decision-making, with the final goal of self-determination. This is the only way beneficiaries can become promoters and builders of their own future, aware of their role, by creating a true partnership, able to generate self-development projects.


Fondazione Museke Onlus Via F.lli Lombardi 2 25121 Brescia Tel +39 030 2807724 C.F. 98148960176
mail: info@fondazionemuseke.org

Fondazione Museke