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Fondazione Museke

Little big hug

The perspective is from above, from heaven bent towards the ground:
to see a little big hug.

Little as the beginning of every relationship,
great as the mystery of every person in connection with others.
Little as the new generations embraced by adults,
great as the vision of the future that every educational experience bears within.
Little as the earth in the universe,
great as the world of peace we can still awake.
Little like seeds,
great as the crop grown and waited with patience and loyalty.

Because every great and true sharing experience
is built starting from the smallest part, from the attention paid to little things.

In the same way the infinite greatness of God
is revealed only in the embrace of human littleness.
In the same way the infinite greatness of man
will rise again only by remaining in the communion of divine love.

Little big hug,
nobody can be so rich not to need it,
nobody can be so poor not to be able to give it.


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Fondazione Museke