Terimbere Kiremba: first results of the project Print

In March 2016, we celebrated the first year in Kiremba for our representative: Gigi Aziani. As he says in his report: "A year to know, try to understand and to accompany. It was crucial to start from relationships among people by participating to the different boards, listening and intervening with some advices if necessary, but never replacing those who have to take responsibility for the decisions". 
From our point of view, it was a period of intense collaboration. It allowed us to keep close to the Hospital and its patients despite the dramatic situation Burundi is still living. The political crisis - due to third mandate of the President Nkurunziza - is still going on even after Ban Ki-moon and Museveni visits.

Hoping to read better news, Terimbere project goes on. The first visible results are structural improvements to the Hospital: complation and restructuring of the external wall; installation of new taps and sinks to improve hygiene in departments and to facilitate relatives who care for patients; opening of a new access ramp to the mortuary; building of a space for the guardians. All these works were made possible thanks to the Italian Episcopal Conference co-financing, to the commitment of the Hospital and of private donors of the Temporary Association - ATS Kiremba.

The main component of the project is the staff training. We hope it can leave the most important and durable imprint for long time. Health and human training because skills have to be associate with a better care for hygiene and patients, with the respect for the Hospital rules and the creation of a team spirit, nowadays really lacking. All this will be realized thanks to the presence of an health coordinator. The ATS is selecting this figure, who will organize the training program for the whole staff.